Day 73: 6 days left (AKA the worst day ever)

7 days left

So, today was really, truly, a terrible day.

Yesterday, my eye was bothering me quite a bit.

This morning I woke up to find it gooped shut. Awesome. Pink eye.

So I called my doctor to see if I should see them or see an eye doctor. The mean receptionist lady told me she couldn’t understand what I was saying. (her exact words were “Ich verstehe Sie ganz ganz schlecht.”) Awesome. So I have lived in Germany for three months, not to mention taken how many semesters of German, and my German is so bad you can’t understand me?!? She told me to come at 11 and she didn’t care if I could actually come then or not. Then she hung up the phone. Had a good cry. Not the best start to my day.

So I rush over to the doctor’s office (because it takes a while to get there). I get there and they tell me to wait in the waiting room. I was the only one in the room under 60. An hour went by. I got up and asked if I would be seen any time soon. After all, my appointment was an hour ago. Mean receptionist (who could now suddenly understand me) snapped at me that they were really busy and they would see me when they got to me. Another 30 minutes went by before I was called back.

Then in walked the doctor. Only it wasn’t my doctor. And this doctor didn’t speak English. So I began to try and explain, in German, what was going on. I managed to convey myself quite well apparently, and she agreed that I have pink eye (and in both eyes, no less!). She wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.

By this point it was 1:30, so I decided to go home and get some lunch before heading to work. I also wanted to try and talk to my landlord about making an appointment to move out. Because he has a 30 minute office “hour” in the middle of my work day, it is impossible for me to get there when he is there. He wasn’t there again. :/ I then went to try and talk to a different person about it, whom Tina (one of our program directors) had suggested. The building was locked up tight.

On the way to work I decided to get my medicine, because I do not want to have pink eye on the first day of school. They didn’t have it, but told me to come back after 18:00.

I finally made it to work at 2:30. What I was supposed to do involved using a new machine. The person who was supposed to teach me, was in a different facility today. Which killed my plan. So I did something else. But of course, it wasn’t easy. I was out of PCR tubes. And then had to search an entire lab to find them. I was also out of the correct pipette tips. And then had to search an entire lab to find them. Half of the necessary stuff is kept in the refrigerator room. Which my card was, for some reason, not unlocking. So every time I had to go in, I had to find someone to let me in. I dropped a box of tubes, so now they are jumbled. I caught my necklace on a door knob and broke it. I couldn’t figure out how to convert a tiff file to a jpg. I kept getting an error message. Oh, and my PCR didn’t turn out right. Basically, everything that could have gone wrong, did.

I finally left work at 7. But the bus, because it is on the summer schedule, didn’t come for 10 minutes. Then I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. But they were closed. :/ So no medicine for my pink eye. And on top of it, I missed my bus. The next one didn’t come for 20 minutes (thanks again, summer schedule), so I ended up walking home.

I stopped at the grocery store and bought chocolate and strawberries to reward myself for only crying once today!

Skyped with my parents for a few minutes before the internet connection dropped the call.

I am going to bed now so that this day will be over.

I think I am ready to go home now.



4 thoughts on “Day 73: 6 days left (AKA the worst day ever)

  1. I re-read this just after I read your previous post. I know she said pinkeye, but from the smoke you mentioned from the campout, you may have gotten an irritant from the wood in there. Compress on the eyes will help. Medizin will also help. Get well! (what? only one Apotheke? and no emergency Apotheke?? Was gibt??)

  2. My favorite Granddaughter, come home and we will take good care of you. Of course I know you well enough, that you will stick out the next 6 days and make all of them great. We love you

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