Day 71(end) and Day 72: 7 days left

7 days left

So camping was a blast- good fire roasted food and laughter with fun people. It was the most diverse group (Hungarians, Romanians, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Swiss, and American). We had quite a bit of fun talking about “falsche freunden.” This is the German word for words that mean one thing in a language and a totally different thing in another. It can lead to some really hilarious mistakes.

Saw a few shooting stars- one which was huge and across the whole sky. But for the most part, not really convinced that a meteor shower happened unless it was between the hours of 2AM and 5AM. I slept on the hard ground. And I picked a crap spot. It was on a slight angle and I kept sliding in the night and had to keep readjusting. Needless to say, real sleep didn’t really occur. Though it was nice to wake up from a doze, open my eyes and look up and see the milky way and the occasional shooting star. Pretty amazing how many stars you can see when you are away from light.

So I woke up on my own around 5:30 or 6 AM this morning because it got really bright outside. I got up and brushed my teeth, brushed my hair- whatever toiletry items I could do whilst sitting in the woods. I then read Pride and Prejudice for a while. Such a beautiful start to my morning- reading one of my favorite books while the world woke up. At 7 AM, I got up, packed up my gear, and walked up to the bus stop  (quite the hike for so early, but again, I really enjoyed the walk in the crisp, fresh morning air). On the walk I took some pictures of Germany waking up!


Oh and my phone died because I couldn’t charge it in the woods.

While waiting for the bus, this little guy walked up and hopped into my lap. Took me completely by surprise. I really dislike cats. Or rather, cats are fine but I prefer dogs. Oh, and cats hate me. They always bite me. Or scratch me. Or hiss at me. My mere presence makes a cat’s hair stand on end. So the fact that this cat immediately took a liking to me was strange. He sat in my lap and purred for a good 10 minutes. And the fact that I let him was also strange. But he was a lovely little bus stop companion.


I then caught the bus to the HBF, shoved my camping gear in a locker, grabbed some breakfast, and headed to Stuttgart to meet Kaitie.

Kaitie and I then caught a train to Ulm. We were sharing a BW Ticket (which basically means you can use any form of transportation in the state of Baden Wurttemburg for the entire day. It is super cheap and it only costs 4 EUR to add a second person. Definitely the way to go when traveling here.)

Or so we thought. BW Tickets are not good on the fastest trains- IC and ICE. And we, of course, were on an IC. When the lady came around to check our ticket, she said ours wasn’t good. *Crap. The last time this happened, the replacement ticket was hundreds of dollars. * But….the lady was SUPER nice. She told us that the ticket doesn’t work on IC and ICE trains and that coming back we should make sure we didn’t take one of those. So she let us stay on the train without charging us. Yay for nice DB workers! (Which, by the way, are near and far between. Germans are so nice, but apparently every grouchy German there is works for DB.)

On the train to Ulm, we made friends with a lady in our compartment.

So we made it to Ulm.

And we climb to the highest room in the tallest tower….in the world. (BTW, this church took EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS to build. Unbelievable. It takes a special kind of person to create something and know that they (or their children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren) will live to see it completed. We need more people like that in the world today. People who start massive undertakings for the good of posterity.

And I was afraid. Very afraid.

But it was awesome. The view was breathtaking. And we definitely got our exercise in for the day! And the weather was perfect, too. (oh, and I discovered that I LOVE gargoyles.)

DSC_0219 DSC_0227 (not sure why it looks so stormy in this one)

DSC_0230 DSC_0234 DSC_0236 DSC_0238 DSC_0244 DSC_0257 DSC_0259 1098544_500892246661612_531460426_nDSC_0254  999745_500891936661643_1264102580_n Made it to the top!!

After climbing up 768 stairs, 143 meters (469 ft- and that wasn’t even the top people! we weren’t allowed any higher.), we rewarded ourselves with some cake. YUM.

1157413_500892409994929_1103627553_n Johannesbeerkuchen, and a cake the name of which I cannot remember (literally translated to “fluffy bread” and it had rum cream with chocolate and cranberry jam.

We then walked along the Donau, which was beautiful. We saw what we thought was the famous “Crooked house.” Then we saw the actual “crooked house.” Then we saw some more crooked houses. Apparently, the building codes were lacking when the houses were built.

DSC_0280DSC_0278DSC_0289DSC_0281  Hey look! It’s the crooked house….oh, wait, never mind.  DSC_0290 Is that the crooked house back there??DSC_0293 Why yes it is!

So…not much to do in Ulm. If you are traveling Germany any time soon, I wouldn’t really suggest it.

Kaitie and I then decided to come back to Tuebingen. I showed her around the city a bit. We ate a traditional Schwabian dinner at the Neckarmueller, sipped our in house brewed beers while overlooking the Neckar river, all while dogging this one pesky wasp. And while having awesome conversations.


After we walked up to a BioEis place I had heard about. IT WAS AMAZING. I got lemon basil and cinnamon. They don’t go together at all, but it was soooo good. I think I will become a regular there my last 4 days in Tuebingen.

After Eis, we walked along the island and talked some more. Discovered this fellow, whom I had never seen before. Naturally we felt the need to climb on him and take pictures. 🙂


Walked Kaiite back to the HBF and said goodbye. It was sad- this was our last Dana/Kaitie German adventure. It has been so awesome to travel with her this summer. She is the best adventure buddy. 🙂

Came home, showered (because I desperately needed it- I have been wearing the same thing for 2 days and I spent a night sleeping outside on the ground in between. I am actually surprised that I look normal in all of the pictures from today. Especially because I got smoke in my eyes last night, and they have been red and itchy ever since.), and didn’t get to bed early (oops).



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