Day 71: 8 days left

8 days left.

Slept in! WOO HOO. (And by slept in, I mean that I slept until I woke up. Which was 8:30. So I didn’t really sleep in.)

Took it lazy for a while.

Went into town and wandered for a while. Bought a delicious nectarine at the farmer’s market. Found a Ben and Jerry’s. I. Kid. You. Not. (I have picture proof- see?) This place will be visited before I leave. 🙂


Came upon some great street musicians. I ended up standing there for 30 minutes to listen to them! They were great- two girls- a guitarist and a violist, and both could sing. One of the girls had different colored dreadlocks! Very enjoyable. I ended up buying a CD from them- cool souvenir, huh? (I am trying to post a video of them on FB, but my internet is being temperamental. It should be there soon!)

I then met Rahel, a girl from Connect, for lunch in her flat- which by the way is crazy nice and beautiful. We cooked a yummy lunch (rice with mushrooms and yougurt sauce, sauteed chicken, and salad) and ate on their amazing terrace. An afternoon filled with lots of talking and fun in German! 🙂

994912_10200576098621713_1715243894_n 998632_10200576098301705_1019018921_n

In two hours I am leaving to go camping. This is the first time ever I have been camping, so I am not sure what to expect exactly. I am going with some people from work to watch the meteor shower tonight.

Tomorrow morning, I am going on another day- trip adventure with Kaitie (and some other WISPies, hopefully).

So, I will have to tell you all about my night and adventures in Ulm at a later date. But be prepared for the awesomeness of my next post. 😛

PS The view on my walk to the bus stop. 🙂 So pretty.


PSS Got these the other day. You science nerds out there will think they are humorous- Motivase! 😛




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