Day 70: 9 days left

9 days left.

My morning was made when I walked into my bakery and ordered my usual Camping Brotchen. The woman, who recognizes me at this point, handed me my bread and told me it was on the house becasue I come in every single day and buy from them. I got free breakfast for being a loyal regular customer! Woot Woot. I am now fully immersed in my life here. I have always madre friends with the people at the grocery stores- even when I was little. The people at Krogers were my friends. The people at Earth Fare (I miss Pete who moved to Texas!). The people at Great Harvest. I love making friends with the people who provide my food. It is quite the acheivement and honor to me that I have managed to do that here. It makes it feel more like home.

Ran a PCR by myself today using the DNA extracted from yesterday’s gel. It didn’t work. :/ Emailed Hartwig for more instructions.

Helped Anahit out by counting cells for her.

Took pictures of work! (Big thanks to Tamara for taking some time out of her day to take some of these. I asked her to take 2 pictures of me. She practically did a photo-shoot! So sweet.)

DSC_0147 my bench    DSC_0181

DSC_0155 our building

DSC_0158 my best friend, the PCR machine

DSC_0163 (2) DSC_0159 (2)  Pipetting. I do a lot of pipetting.

There is a guy here whose name is, I kid you not, Gou Da. Like the cheese. I thought that I had been mishearing it this entire time, but today I saw it written out. Gou Da. *snicker*

Skyped with my mom for a while tonight.

Talked with my dearest Kaitie for a while as well 🙂



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