Day 68 and 69: Sunburnt goodbyes


Work. Ran another PCR per usual 🙂 But it didn’t turn out quite right. :/

Bible study was awesome. I am continually blessed by that group of people and the worship and study that happens there each week.


Work. Ran another PCR per usual. Then things got interesting. The sample was not as pure as we would have liked, so Hartwig showed me how to go a gel extraction, which is where you extract the DNA from the gel (just in case it wasn’t clear ;)) Got to use a UV light. You have to wear a super nerdy looking mask and protective clothing because a) the UV rays can damage your eyes and b) you can get sunburned. I find it positively hilarious that all of us pale researchers can manage to get our sunburns indoors while working. So, you cut the bands that you want out of the gel, using the UV light to see the bands. Then you use a special kit and follow the directions. Using kits is actually really nice for a beginner like me because you don’t really have to know what you are doing- you just follow the instructions. This was especially good because Hartwig had a meeting and ended up leaving me to do it by myself! AH! But I did it, and hopefully I did it well. Impressed with his amount of trust in me and my skills, even if it was just reading a protocol.


I also had to say goodbye to Hartwig today because he is leaving for vacation tomorrow. It makes me really sad that he is leaving. He  has been so great to me and taught me so much. When I thanked him for everything and for giving me things to do, he said he was happy to and that he wished that he had given me more to do. 🙂 He also apologized for not speaking much German with me. He was such a kind and patient teacher, and a good one too! I learned so much from him. And I will miss him a lot. I have been given my assignment for next week, and so with that I am officially on my own! Kind of an awesome way to end the internship.

Tamara was a sweetheart and brought a lamp for me today since she heard the light in my room was broken. Of course, when I got home the light had been fixed!

Worked a while on my presentation for our WISP seminar next week.



One thought on “Day 68 and 69: Sunburnt goodbyes

  1. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. I know it is hard to say goodbye to those who have helped you. However, we will be glad when you are safe bacfk in the USA. Love You, Poppy and Grandmommy

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