Day 66 and 67: Gifts


Work. Ran another PCR, which turned out beautifully! Hooray!

Made an awesome salad for dinner with ice berg lettuce, herb feta cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives, and a dressing of balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, salt and pepper, and dried basil. Perfect for the hot evening.

I have a picture on my phone, but for some reason can’t transfer it to my computer.


Today I had to give a presentation at our weekly lab meeting- a review of a paper. I was really nervous. My assignment to give a presentation on the retina (something not my field of expertise, even if my knowledge in the subject has grown tremendously this summer) to a group  of people who are experts on the retina was scary. I worked for hours last night prepping for it. I gave the presentation without a hitch. 🙂 Afterwards, Hartwig told me I did a good job and that I spoke like I had a great knowledge of the retina. Made my day 🙂

Hartwig is leaving for vacation on Friday, so today we sat down to plan out what I am to do while he is gone. The fact that he trusts me enough to let me do this is so awesome. After we finished, he said that for such a young student he was truly impressed by me, and amazed that I was able to work so efficiently without much supervision. Seriously, this guy is on a mission to make my day! Trying to come up with something I can leave here to say thank you for all he has done for me, for believing in me, for giving me this gift.

Trying to come up with gifts for my lab in general actually. The pound cake was sort of a goodbye present before Eli and Natalia left. They are all leaving over the next two weeks, so I need something I can leave behind and that will last. Eli loved my pound cake, so I am going to write her a note and give her the recipe. The others I am not so sure about. I know that I need to at least do something for Eli, Hartwig, and Thomas, as they have had the most impact on my time here. Any suggestions, dear readers?

This afternoon, Boris and Thomas asked me to translate a press release they had written about a newly published paper from German to English. I am really proud of myself because I was able to do it in an hour and it sounded good- not like a translation, but readable and fluid. Yay for German language skills! 🙂

Had tomato soup with bell peppers and some crumbled feta, with cheese toast for dinner. (Again, can’t get the pics off my phone.)

It has finally cooled off some! It rained this evening and now it is chilly. So excited. Hope this weather holds out until I leave. 🙂

Enjoy some beautiful music:



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