Day 64 and 65: Public Transit and Making Friends


I wasn’t feeling well today. Spent the day in bed. Skyped for a while with my mom.


Feeling much better. Went the next town over to Bebenhausen Monastery.

The trip there was quite the adventure. It is a 10 minute bus ride from where I live, yet it was disastrous.

I went on the website, which said to take Bus 828 in the direction of the Stuttgart Airport. It said I could catch this bus at a stop near my house, Neue Aula. So I went to that stop. And then proceeded to watch the bus whiz past. :/(I would later find out that there are three, count ’em, three bus stops called Neue Aula and I was at the wrong one! So confusing.)

I had to go to the Hauptbahnhof and wait 45 minutes for the next bus! :/ Then when the bus finally came, it didn’t say on the front which bus it was. So every person that got on asked where the bus was going. Our driver was quickly irritated. He asked why everyone kept asking him that. We told him that the bus had no sign on it. He didn’t believe us. He actually shoved his way off the bus to look for himself! When it was my turn I asked if he went to Bebenhausen. He said no. I asked if he knew how I could get there. He said no and told me to get off! So rude. I went over to the DB help desk and asked them. They told me to get on the bus I was just on! So I went back. The bus driver asked me why I was back. I told him what the DB people had said. He said they are wrong. He doesn’t go to Bebenhausen. After a few more rounds, he said that he didn’t go directly there, but that we would have to walk some. OK, fine.

So we go two stops and he tells those of us going to Bebenhausen to get off. I am a bit confused because we are still in Tuebingen, but I get off. We look at the street sign and it says Bebenhausen is 5 km up the road with no sidewalk! Thanks, Mr. Bus driver. Thanks a lot. Luckily there were several of us in this predicament, and we shared a taxi there. Enjoyed getting to talk with these strangers 🙂

It was beautiful.

I toured the hunting palace (really more like a cabin) of the royal family:


DSC_0053 The walls were painted with towns of Wurttemberg- this is Tuebingen.

DSC_0054 Queen Charlotte was a concert pianist! DSC_0058 Queen Charlotte also had this as her closet! The hanging stuff went in the walls and there were drawers around the perimeter.

DSC_0055 These beautiful heaters were in every room.

DSC_0059 My favorite thing in the place. It is hilarious.

During the tour it poured rain. Thank goodness I was indoors! Look at this amazing view after the rain 🙂

DSC_0102 DSC_0105

I toured the cloister:

DSC_0088 DSC_0066 DSC_0072The garden

DSC_0078 The dormitory

DSC_0083 church

DSC_0063 It had beautiful vaulted ceilings throughout.

DSC_0071 The only room where speaking freely was allowed.

I toured the palace kitchen, which was so cool. It had an entire room devoted to silver polishing!! (For those of you who don’t know, polishing silver is one of my favorite things. I know, kind of odd.) Also, the lady let me see it for free 🙂

DSC_0128 The silver polishing room 🙂

DSC_0132 Gargantuan mortar and pestle

DSC_0130 This cardboard pig scared me! (also, notice the rat?)

DSC_0133 It was huge!

I found a lily pond, a beautiful house, an herb garden….

DSC_0135 DSC_0122 DSC_0112 I want to live here!

I then was met with the predicament of how to get back. I went into the information office to ask. They had no idea. A woman overheard and said she could give me a ride. So, I hitch-hiked back to Tuebingen! (A first for me.) She was great and dropped me off at a bus stop where I could catch the bus home.

So many nice people today 🙂

Skyped with my mom again.

Also, please excuse any typos. The light bulb in my room burned out….it is really dark in here. 😛 Hopefully I can get a replacement soon!



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