Day 63: Another great day :)

Another day of work with enough to fill my day. I ran another PCR this morning. After running the gel we determined that I finally did it right! Third time’s the charm 🙂

Then I spent the afternoon practicing cryosectioning. I loved it. The machine is in a super quiet lab and I just sat and did this hypnotic and meditative activity for a couple of hours.

I had to say goodbye to Eli, our lab technician, today. She is going on vacation and won’t be back before I leave. It was really sad. Eli has been my mom away from home here. She really looks after me and cares about me. I am going to miss her.

After work, I met Louisa and Ida at the Freibad (basically a park surrounding a swimming pool. very cool!). I wasn’t able to get a really good picture of the entire Freibad. But it is gorgeous. It is a little bit outside of the city underneath some mountains. Perfection. Louisa and Ida are in my bible study. We hung out, read, swam, and talked for a few hours.


We then went back to Louisa’s flat and cooked a delicious dinner! 🙂 More talking. Lots of German today.


Yet another good day 🙂

(Also, I figured out how to move my pictures around. Be excited!)



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