Day 62: The best day.

Today was such a good day.

Today was the first day of work where I had enough to do. I was kept busy until time to leave.

Today was also the first day that I was given something to do completely on my own. 😀

I worked on a couple of PCR projects for Hartwig in the morning. In the afternoon I worked on cryosectioning with Anahit.

I am so grateful to Hartwig for believing in me and for giving me the change to prove myself. Now that he has shown he trusts me and my skills, others in the lab are starting to as well. I really felt like part of the team for the first time today; a good feeling.

Also, we figured out what went so terribly wrong yesterday. No one ever mentioned to me that a pipette has 3 levels: completely up, middle, completely down. If you take in solution from the middle level versus from the completely down level, the amounts of solution drawn up differ. Now that I know this- it will not happen again.

Hartwig has been so patient while I learn how to do this.

After work I went to a doctor’s appointment, where without question the doctor agreed to give me IV fluids because she was so knowledgeable about POTS. Made me cry with happiness and relief.

556688_10200533755203154_778184739_n Prescription in hand!! 😀

I then went into the Innenstadt to meet a friend from bible study for dinner. I was early, so I sat on the Platz and sipped a Holunderschorle (elderberry nectar with sparkling water). Very yummy and refreshing until a wasp fell in! :/

I also spent some time watching the birds at the fountain. Very interesting- sort of like people watching….but…birds. One bird climb on another and just chilled out out its shoulders for a while. Not sure what was going on there. But my favorite was this little guy. The other birds were struggling to figure out how to get a nice, cool drink of water. He had it all figured out!

971570_10200533755403159_667701307_n (not sure if you can tell, but he has his head under the stream of water! So funny!)

Gabi and I then went to get some dinner. We both ended up ordering burgers (I know, in Germany, right?). But they were so delicious! Burgers with a German twist. 🙂 We had tons of fun talking and laughing. The owner asked us to sign their guest book- so we obliged. We had lots of fun writing/drawing this as well.

1003023_10200533755643165_588559736_n 1017172_10200533756203179_1067385944_n

Gabi was trying to draw our hair but made it look like we have beards! 😛

We then walked and talked along the Neckar river for a while.

I then caught the bus home.

All in all a really good, satisfying day. 🙂



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