Day 61: Science!


Tina came to work. She talked with Thomas and I about my internship experience. He gave her a glowing report of me- said I am intelligent, proactive, get along well with my collegues…. 🙂 And when she asked if he would be willing to take another WISP student, he said, “Sure, but it will be hard to top Dana.” 😀 Made my day.

Tina wanted to have a tour of the lab. At about the same time, the gel for our gel electrophoresis was ready, so she observed while Hartwig and I loaded the gel and ran it. Cool.

Ate lunch.

Came back and served everyone my pound cake. It was a hit! It tasted really good. It didn’t turn out the right consistency (it was SUPER dense and not the normal fluffy) but it still tasted good. 🙂 They decimated the cake. More yay!


Then Hartwig gave me my first assignment to do on my own. It is basically what we have been doing the past few days-prepping and running a PCR. He said he didn’t think I would have any problems. (Yay for the vote of confidence!) But then….something went wrong. I ran out of the Master Mix which I had made. And when you run out, you can’t make more. :/ Not good. Still not sure what happened. I was very slow and deliberate and I wrote down everything I did. According to my notes, I did everything right and I followed the protocol. Wondering if I am using the pipettes incorrectly? Or if the pipttes are incorrectly calibrated? Ran the PCR with what we had- but the results will mean very little if they are negative. We won’t know if they are truly negative, or negative because something was wrong in the Master Mix. Really disappointed that I didn’t do it right. I really wanted to be able to do this well.

So today was a day of good science and bad science. Which I guess is a normal day of science. I am pumped because I am being given more responsibilty and more to do. I am disappointed in myself for not doing it well. I am excited because I am learning so much. I am frustrated because every second of every day here I realize how little I know.

Spent some time reading up on pipette usage and how to read pipttes. If the mess up was in any way my fault, it is not going to happen again!

Bible study:

Such a blessing.

Also, I learned that Eric Whitacre is in Germany and giving a concert on Saturday. The catch: it is a 9 hour train ride away. I seriously considered going, but have decided not to. I am a little sad, but it means that the next time I have the opportunity to see Whitacre I am taking it!



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