Day 59: Rain, rain, go away.


Slept in today for the first time since I-don’t-know-when. Just slept until I woke up. It was delightful.

I then proceeded to do nothing all day.

I read some. I watched some TV. I ate some food. I cooked some dinner.

I watched as hail came pouring out of the sky. The hail was up to golf ball sized! All the while it was pouring rain as well. Quite the impressive display.


When I went out afterwards, it looked like a disaster area. Like a hurricane or tornado or something had come through.

Caught the bus into town. Just managed to miss the torrential downpour on my walk. It poured while I was on the bus- very lucky. I then walked over to the Stiftskirche for an organ concert. I managed to pick the only concert in the summer series that was free! ohh yeahhh. An evening of Bach music was delightful. Also, hearing thunder from inside a stone cathedral is rather impressive. Add an organ and it is truly magnificent!

Caught the bus home and went to bed. Not sure why, but I have been so darn tired lately.


Woke up early and went into work because I had to leave early to get my hair cut. It was chilly and rainy all day. It never stopped down pouring. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed with a book and some tea. Maybe take some occasional naps.

Began my own PCR project today with Hartwig! I do a retinal preparation, then purify the RNA in the tissue using insitu hybridization. Then I run a reverse transcription PCR to produce cDNA. Using this complementary DNA, I can run PCR to end up with the portion of the DNA I am interested in. Pretty cool, though it involves lots of pipetting. Just excited to have been given something I can work independently on!

I got my hair cut today! It was awesome-got a haircut AND a head massage for 15 EUR. Here it is after me quickly blow drying it, and then spending a day in the pouring rain.


Watched the most recent episode of The Newsroom. Genius as usual, and especially funny. 🙂

Had a headache, so I went to bed early. Here’s to hoping the rain stops tomorrow!



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