Day 58: A hot day in my favorite city.

I had originally planned to hike today. But it was 80 degrees here by 8 AM, and supposed to get up to 95. So, I decided to not go hiking.

Instead I went to the farmer’s market in town. Bought some beautiful flowers again, some apricots, and some blackberries. YUMM

DSC_0018 DSC_0020

I then walked up to the Tubingen Castle. The view is amazing!

DSC_0002 selfie!


Also, saw where DNA was discovered! The sign in German says, “Nucleic acid was discovered by Friedrich Miescher here.”


DSC_0011  Hohentuebingen Schloss

I then went and saw where Dr. Alzheimer lived.


I know I looked a little strange taking a picture of this unsuspecting building.

I then wandered the city a bit- went shopping. Bought some beautiful shoes, a cute dress, and reloaded my SIM card.

I then got lunch at a little place on the Marktplatz. Had a beer I liked 🙂


There were tons of street musicians out today- these guys were my favorite!


There was also some sort of protest going on today….apparently protesting NSA’s surveillance of internet activity.

Then I went home and skyped with my mommy 🙂

Went grocery shopping.

Had a lazy afternoon.

All in all a nice day.

Excited because tomorrow is verkaufsoffener Sonntag here, which means that all the stores are open. (Usually nothing is open on Sundays.)





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