Day 57: CIN party


Made an appointment to get my hair cut over the phone in German. Ohh yeaahh.

More work.

It was really hot today with no relief brought by rain. We ate Eis twice in the effort to cool down.

After work, there was a party for the Center of Integrative Neuroscience. Tons of really yummy free food and free beer! Plus a DJ. It was awesome.

I learned today that Dr. Alzheimer (the guy who discovered Alzheimer’s) was a student at the university here, and worked here for a while. The first announcement of his discovery was at a conference here in Tuebingen. So cool. I LOVE THIS PLACE! The science abounds! I am going to go see where he lived and worked at some point next week. 😀

Cleaned my floors with the Swiffer bequeathed to me by my dear Italian neighbor when he left to go home.

Washed my towels and shower curtain.

UPDATE: My clothes, shoes, and purse are still wet from yesterday.

Listen. Isn’t it beautiful?

I just had to include the lyrics and what the singer says about them:



David Livingstone – I started writing David Livingstone late 2009 in Toronto after a trip to the Museum. I wanted badly to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit while they were there so I flew out just for that. I was on a big Christendom histroy kick at the time and read about David Livingstone and his story of perserverence through pain and hardship. Evidentally, I began thinking about how partnership and companionship is a choise and how a relationsihp can only survive if there is that mutual agreement of “til death do us part”. I finished the song in late 2010 on a train back to Halifax.




You be a mystery and i will uncover the truth
You be the chorus and Ill be the verse to go through
you be the dynamite blasting away at the walls we take apart
you be dave livingstone, ill be his african heart

you be my walker and stay with me as i grow frail
you be the wind and direct me when i lose the sail
you be the resonance pulsing through every nerve that fails my knees
You be John Lennon, and Ill be the world that he see’s

sweet midsummer nights
with you in my life
with you in my life

You be a flask and ill be the comfort you hold
You can be stranded and ill bring you in from the cold
You be the ambulance racing me back to that old familiar door
You be Theresa, and ill be your hands to the poor

You be a train track, and ill never leave you for long
you be new land, and ill plot my home in your arms
You be the coffee that brings me to life in the early winter blue
You be my lady and Ill be your man, through and through.
You be my lady and ill be your man through and through.


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