Day 55 and 56: So. much. water.



Learned how to mark the orientation of eyeballs. Apparently, mice do not have foveas and so finding the orientation is nearly impossible. Having the correct orientation of the eye is important when sectioning. Hartwig heated a needle up and marked the part of the eye that was towards the nose. This mark is visible during preparation and is then continued into the retina a tiny bit. When marking the orientation in this way, remembering which eye is right and which is left.

I also got to see a mouse killed with CO2.

It poured rain! And of course I didn’t have my raincoat. I just sat by the door waiting for a break in the rain and then booked it to the bus stop!

Went to bible study. Because this week is the end of the semester, both of the groups (WHO and Innenstadt) met up. It was really fun! We were originally supposed to go Stocher kahn (a type of boating super popular here). But because of the rain, we had an indoor picnic. It was a great evening of talking and hanging out. 🙂 We then decided to go stocher kahn because the weather had turned nice. We did, though, have to spend a while scooping water out of the bottom of the boat! The boat ride was fun! Got to lazily ride down the Neckar river in the moonlight with good friends. The moon was big, full, and orange last night, too. Marcus was the boat driver. Someone brought a ukelele, and we sang a bit as well. Such fun 🙂

(Because I thought we weren’t going stocher kahn, I didn’t bring my camera. So these pictures are terrible- this is what pictures from my camera phone look like when it is dark.)

CAM00660 ( the moon was beautiful!) CAM00658CAM00652CAM00649CAM00648

I also learned how to make a very important distinction in German. The German language does not have a word for “friend” and a word for “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” So a guy friend is called a “Freund” and so is a boyfriend. Confusing, right? I never really knew how to make the distinction. Apparently, I have been saying that I have lots of boyfriends 😛 I was telling my friend that my “Freund” was coming to visit this weekend. She said, in English, you have a boyfriend?? Oops. She then clarified for me: When it is just a guy friend you say “a friend of mine.” When it is your boyfriend you say “my friend.” The same goes when referring to other people- “a friend of hers” versus “her friend.”

After that I went back to my dorm for Giovanni’s farewell party. I met more Americans than I have met the entire time here! Including a girl from NC, who knows some of my friends! Small world. (Also, someone from Chico, CA and San Diego, CA- quite the coincidence, Maddie and Tom.) Discussed college basketball and other NC things with Mary for a while. Hung out with folks from my hall.

One of the people on my hall is this adorable British guy- everyone kept asking him if he was excited about the new prince, if they had named him yet (George, apparently), etc. He put up with it quite well! 🙂

After the party, I went to bed.



Learned how to cryosection today. It was awesome! We took an eyeball and immersed it in this quick freezing jelly stuff (cryomatrix). Then we quick froze it using aluminum blocks that were frozen in liquid nitrogen. Then you take this little ice cube containing an eyeball and slice off really thin pieces, collect them/mount them on slides. I really enjoyed that.

It poured rain again today. When it was time for me to leave work, it was still pouring. From inside it really didn’t look that bad though. It was. I jogged/ran to the bus stop and in the 2 minutes it took for me to get from my building to the bus stop, I was completely soaked through. My skirt was soaked. My purse was soaked (though luckily the important stuff inside didn’t get too wet!). My shoes and socks were soaked. I was squishing when I walked. I had water running down the backs of my legs. I could wring water out of my clothing. I cannot emphasize to you how wet I was. haha It was kind of hilarious, because there came a point where I decided I couldn’t be any more wet, so I just didn’t care! 🙂 Though, I am a little worried about the future of my poor keds!


Ran into Marco on the bus. Had a lovely talk while I dripped all over the floor.

Deep cleaned my bathroom and room. Still not quite finished- I need to borrow Guiseppi’s swiffer to clean the floors and I need to borrow someone’s student card to wash my towels and shower curtain. (Apparently you can only pay for the washing machine with a university issued card…which I do not have because I am not a student here.)

Skyped with Vania and my mom. 🙂

Cooked a yummy dinner. Was told by my Italian neighbor that I was a good cook. Success!

Caught up with friends online, watched some West Wing, went to bed.



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