Day 48 and 49: 1 month to go!


Work. Got to practice on 4 more eyes. One was disastrous. One was “perfect” according to Hartwig! 🙂

Other than that, pretty regular day.

Except- when I went to pay for lunch the lady said my card had no money on it (I pay with my employee ID). I have no idea how I was supposed to know this because they never give us receipts, or even tell us how much our meals cost. I would have thought that the last time that I bought food, she would have told me to reload the card. So, of course I didn’t have my purse with me. So I had no way to pay for the meal. While I was standing there, trying to find someone from the lab who could pay for me, the guy behind me said “Could I just pay?” He pushed me out of the way and paid for his own meal. Not the nicest guy ever.

Went grocery shopping after work. Food here is so cheap! I spent 12 EUR on food for an entire week.

I made schnupfnudeln for the first time for dinner. They were delicious.

Went to bible study. They all invited me out to celebrate Stefan’s birthday with them afterwards. I ended up not going because I was feeling sick all of a sudden. Went home and went to bed. :/


Went to work even though I was still feeling bad.

Helped Thomas out with some stuff.

Got to see a human eye ball!!! Very neat, though really gross.

Left work early because I was feeling so bad. Slept for a few hours.

Also, I have exactly 1 month left here. 😦 So sad to think about!



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