Day 45 and 46: Saying Goodbye


Got up early. Too early after last night. :/

Caught a train to Stuttgart. My dear friend Maddie was having a rough go of it at her internship. They couldn’t find her an alternative, so she is going home. I went up to spend the day with her and to say goodbye.

Was met on the platform by Maddie and Alejandro!

Had a really fun day filled with laughter 🙂

CAM00639 Alejandro being Selena Gomez

We stopped at this awesome little coffee shop because Alejandro was dying to get some coffee. I got some johannesbeershorle (basically mineral water and johannes berry juice). It was yummy 🙂

We then wandered the city.

Came upon this at a festival:

CAM00634 Because underwear and a fanny pack is always a good combination!

CAM00635 On that note…

Went to a fish festival and wandered a bit more.

Ate at the MOST amazing Italian place for lunch. They cook the pasta to order right in front of you so it is super fresh. And surprisingly cheap! I had pasta with chili infused roasted pine nuts, olive oil, tomato based pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, freshly grated ricotta cheese, and fresh basil YUM.


We went back to the fish festival, where I got a glass of Bowle (the yummy fruity drink I was introduced to my first week here). So I ordered at the counter for Maddie and Alejandro too. When the woman handed me my drink she said, “23 Euros.” I thought for sure I had misunderstood her. So I asked again. She replied “23 Euros, because of the pfand flasche.” (In Germany you pay extra for the glasses and bottles, and if you bring them back you get money back.) It said on the board that my drink cost 5 Euros…so the pfand flasche was 18 Euros?! I was so confused. We finally worked it out, that she meant all three drinks together including the pfand flasche was 23 Euros.

CAM00637 Awesome stand in the fish festival. 🙂

We then sat in the park to people watch and talk for a while.

Alejandro left to go back to Mannheim.

Maddie went with me to grab some dinner at a Stern Kabob. I ate a delicious halloumi yuftka.

The U-bahn that I needed to catch back to the train station was a little late, so I almost missed my train. I had to run, but I made it! 😀

I got back and went straight to bed at 8 PM. I was dog-tired.

As I was drifting off to sleep I think someone knocked on my door. Wonder who it was?


Slept in until 8. Niiice long night of sleep 🙂

Had my now traditional camping broetchen for breakfast.

Had nothing to do at work today. I worked on researching for my presentation at the end of the summer and on the requirements for graduate school at Uni Tuebingen.

I had some really awesome pudding with my lunch 🙂

Update on lab awesomeness: I think Hartwig found me some eyeballs! So this means that I can use them to learn and practice preparation. They will be either pig or mice. I will let you know 🙂 I am very excited!

After work I was starving, so instead of cooking I heated up my leftover maultaschen from the other night. Still delicious!

Surprise skype from Vania! 🙂 Then skyped with Kaitie to finish planning our trip to Paris this weekend!

Watched the newest episode of The Newsroom. If you haven’t seen this show- watch it. It is amazing- clever, smart, funny. You will never watch the news the same way again.

Also, not that I should complain, but Idina Menzel is performing at my school at home on Thursday. 😦 So sad I am not there! I adore her!



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