Day 44: Oh what a beautiful morning!

I got up early this morning and took it lazy for while.  I then went into town and went to the farmer’s market around one of the churches. It was such a beautiful morning and I had such a good time looking at the beautiful fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats, and flowers they had there. I ended up buying a nectarine as a snack, some amazing cherries, and a beautiful bunch of flowers. 🙂 The flowers in this country are just the most beautiful!


I met a lovely old man selling the most delicious olive oil ever! We talked for a bit, and then he smiled sort of wryly and said, “But you are a poor college student so you can’t afford this can you?” I laughed and said no and went on my way. I also hit it off with the lady I bought my flowers from. We talked for quite some time about her flower collection, if she had any hanging plants, and how I could keep my flowers alive if I don’t have a vase.

I then walked around the old city and watched it wake up while smelling my beautiful flowers and eating my nectarine. I window shopped a bit. I found a hat that I want desperately, but the shop was closed. I go by this shop quite often because their display case changes quite frequently and always so beautiful. Sadly, the shop was closed. I will have to go back at some point soon to get that hat! I then walked down to the island in the middle of the river and sat and read for a while and watched the world go by. 🙂


The view of the river from the island. 🙂


The entrance to the island.

I then took the bus home. On the way to the bus stop, I saw a photo shoot at the end of the island! I stopped in at the bakery across the street from my complex to get some fresh bread. The bread lady absolutely loved my flowers. All of the flower vendors wrap their bouquets differently, and she recognized how mine were wrapped. Apparently, she buys her flowers from the same woman! This made her very excited. 🙂 She also complimented (Thanks, Dr. Jones! 😉 )  me on my necklace.


My goodies from the morning adventure! 🙂

I then ate lunch with Guiseppi. That guy can talk you ear off! 🙂 He also invited me to a party tonight!

All in all, quite the enjoyable morning of German culture and language! 🙂

(P.S. Had some of my freshly baked bread for lunch. AH-mazing!)

I then watched a little TV, listened to some music, and did some work.

Went to the Saturday night church service of the church affiliated with the group I met with on Wednesday. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s just different. Quite the experience. And I didn’t get home until 1 AM! Definitely not what I am used to!

I really love it here. I can already tell that it will be hard to leave in a few weeks.



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