Day 43: Dessert for dinner!

Went to work. I am just about finished up with working on making the microscope light-tight 🙂

Helped Dr. Muench set up a new configuration of the photon-laser, aline the entire thing, and then test and calibrate it. It was quite cool- though my thorough lack of knowledge in physics became very apparent very fast. I spent part of the afternoon researching optics and the specialized microscopes they use here.

I then worked with Boris for a while testing wild-type mice. This means that they are not dark-blind. So I got to see some tracking behavior today 🙂

I raced off after calibrating the photon-laser set up to meet Katlyn, a girl from the church group, for coffee and yummies. While I was standing at the Neckarbruecke waiting for her, this little boy walked up next to me and sat down. He sort of looked like he didn’t feel well, maybe too hot. He then proceeded to profusely vomit red everywhere. YIKES.

I then walked with Katlyn to this adorable little cafe. I got tea and some sort of dessert thing- called a Strawberry Royal. It was delicious. Pastry on the outside, some sort of pudding (maybe?) on the inside, topped with strawberries. It was great. We talked for hours! Katlyn is also American, studying German linguistics here. She has found a fond place in my heart because she loves The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, and White Christmas. I think we will be good friends 🙂 Afterwards we went to Mueller, where Katlyn told me to get this:


Best chocolate I have had yet. YUM

So I accidentally ended up eating the Strawberry Royal and the Ritter chocolate for dinner. Oops. It’s good to be young!

Finally got to skype with my dear mom. That was really nice!

Had a dance party/face making party with my brother.

All in all a nice day 🙂



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