Day 42: Quite a lovely day

Went to work. Almost finished making the microscope light-tight.

Work with Boris for 3 hours running mice. (The same ones from the other day.) The one kept jumping/falling/sliding off the platform. In 2 hours, we only got through 3 full trials because we kept having to stop and put her back. Highly annoying. We then switched to the other mouse, who behaved herself. Took a break. Ate lunch. Came back and worked with the suicidal mouse again. She was much better, but still kept jumping off. >:/

After work, I went to the old Botanical Garden in town. It is really just a park, but apparently it used to be the city’s Botanical Garden. It was really pretty and had tons of students hanging out in it. Great place to people watch. I sat under a tree and read a book for a couple of hours. Perfection. 🙂


I then took the bus back to my flat and attempted to make my own creation of a traditional Schwaebisch dish that is very popular in this area, Maultaschen. (You might remember that I had this in Stuttgart.) I think it turned out pretty well (especially considering I didn’t have any broth to cook them in)! And the best part is- I have leftovers!


Katlyn, one of the girls that I met at church last night called and invited me for coffee tomorrow! 🙂 YAY.

Was super lame and ended up not going to the organ concert. I didn’t finish eating in time, and I am really tired. Taking it easy was nice. 🙂 There are several more concerts while I am here that I will be attending!



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