Day 41: The Good and the Bad

First, I have discovered the most delicious things. They are called camping broetchen. Sweet, but not too sweet. Salty, but not too salty. A delicious breakfast on the go! 🙂

So I went to work early today to work on making the microscope light tight. I couldn’t work at first though because Katja was doing dark prep, which meant that no one could go in the room. After Katja finished, I worked for quite some time on light-proofing the microscope. I am getting there. I am actually enjoying it because it is sort of like doing a puzzle.

Then we ate lunch. After lunch I went to help Tamara get an activated card. It took forever, and I have no idea why. When I went to get mine, I was there for all of 2 minutes. But Tamara and I were there for almost 30! I don’t think the man really knew what he was doing. :/

Learned that Anahit also lives in Fichtenweg 🙂

I joined the hall FB group, so now I am in the know!

Also, apparently I did not make up Giovanni’s name. Success.

I then had a really frustrating afternoon. I came in to work rather early so that I could leave early to have a couple of hours to explore Tuebingen. Then I was going to go to a church/youth group sort of thing.

I was supposed to work with Boris again at 2, but we had to reschedule for tomorrow.

I then left work and went into the old part of the city. This is such a beautiful city. I went into a bunch of quirky little shops. Bought a pretty scarf. Saw several churches. Saw lots of street musicians. All together, a nice afternoon.

DSC_0706 (2)

The market! 🙂




This is the Rathaus. It drives me insane because the entire thing is asymmetrical.

DSC_0719 (2)

This is Amergasse. It has its own tiny river running through it. Apparently it is where people used to dump their sewage 😦

DSC_0722 (2) DSC_0728 DSC_0729 DSC_0731DSC_0712

The various churches. I visited 3 today. 🙂 One of which I will be back in tomorrow for an organ concert!

DSC_0735 DSC_0733DSC_0705

This is the Neckar River, which flows through town. The boating thing is called a Stocher and is very popular here.


Tuebingen has TONS of little alley-ways (called Gasse in German). I just think they are so quaint and adorable.


A really awesome band 🙂


This is a man playing the accordion, but a woman walked in front of him. :/

CAM00629 My new scarf! 🙂

I then caught the bus back home and grabbed some dinner- good old PB and honey sandwich plus some strawberries 🙂

Then I walked over to a building near mine where this church group meets. It was such an amazing experience. I am so excited to go back. 😀

Now off to bed 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to the old Botanical Gardens and an organ concert.



2 thoughts on “Day 41: The Good and the Bad

  1. Did you get the scarf at that little shop on Ammergasse we told you about? If not, you have to go in. Almost everything they have looks like you!

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