Day 40: Darkness and Cake

Met Natalia at 9 this morning to help her carry cakes to work. Tomorrow is Natalia’s birthday, and since we had three birthdays so close to one another she baked cakes. YAY

BTW, look at the view from her room. Absolutely spectacular! She lives in the building next to mine, only 15 floors up. 🙂

CAM00623[1] CAM00624[1] CAM00625[1]

We started the day with the longest lab meeting. It lasted over two hours! GAH.

Then we ate lunch.

Apparently in the courtyard between the cafeteria and the hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a tiny little farmer’s market (by this I mean that there was one guy). But he was selling the most beautiful fruits and veggies. It was all I could do not to buy everything he had! I did, however, buy some strawberries. They smell and look (and taste!) amazing.


We then ate cake! YUMM.

Then I worked with Boris some more. I was in the dark for 4 hours. Needless to say, walking outside again was difficult! It took so long, partly because these mice would not stay on the platform. They jumped off over and over and over. So I had to put them back, over and over and over. I swear those mice were doing tests on me!


And now I am home!

Also, I got my own ID card now! So I am official and can get into all the buildings and hallways by myself 🙂


Talked with Italian guy…I seriously think I made up that his name is Guiseppo! haha Anyways, that was fun. He is studying law in German. Yikes.

Watched the first half of “Tootsie” after seeing this.

UPDATE: I successfully did my laundry. No longer known as Dirty Girl!



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