Day 39: Building things

Today I went to work. Did some research on my own.

At lunch, the cafeteria was serving southern food- baby back ribs, french fries, and something that I think was supposed to pass for coleslaw. I found the entire thing humorous.

After lunch, I worked with Dr. Muench on building a microscope! It was a cool experience- I got to really see how a microscope works. The lab needs a special type of microscope that allows them to focus both the tissue and the light stimulus at the same time. The trick was making this work. We managed to figure it out though! Then we had to put it together. I am now charged with making the microscope light-tight, so that absolutely no light can get it. It is going to be like a puzzle and I look forward to having some sort of definitive project to complete.

I asked Ella about laundry. Apparently, you have to have a student ID card to do laundry here. And I am not a student. 😦 Ella was nice enough to lend me her card. So, my clothes are getting clean as we speak! YAY 🙂

Worked on catching up on blogging, posting pictures, and on reviews for my journal this evening.

Made cheese toast for dinner. I have loved that as a meal ever since I was a kid. The woman who watched us made us cheese toast all the time. I also grew up believing that watermelon would grow in your stomach if you ate the seeds because of her! haha A kid that stayed with her as well, always ate the seeds and she was trying to discourage him. Fond memories- cheese toast and watermelon 🙂



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