Day 32: Not to be redundant

So, it was another long day!

I had to get up super early this morning to come to my new apartment and check in. Then I had to wait around for the landlord to give me my key and bedding, etc.

Then I moved in. And I have to buy tons of stuff– this facility didn’t provide as much as the one in Radolfzell. I have no hangers, no dishes, no soap, no dishtowel, yikes! And I can’t find a place to buy these things.

DSC_0421 DSC_0422 DSC_0423 DSC_0424

There is a little grocery store, bakery, and a Doener place across the street, but I didn’t have time to explore anymore today.

My phone stopped working. Apparently I misunderstood the T-mobile lady, and I need to reload my Sim card. But, I don’t know how. Because she didn’t tell me how. So, as of right now I am up the creek without a paddle.

Because my phone didn’t work I couldn’t get in touch with the student from my lab that was supposed to show me how to get to work. I managed to figure it out on my own though! YAY 🙂

So the German work culture speech they gave us on Friday does not apply here. Everyone is super friendly and seems to hang out outside of work. I am a little bummed/relieved that because the lab is very international, the common language is English. However, I did ask for those who speak German to speak it to me!

So about the people in my lab:

Natalia- Polish Molecular Bio PhD student

Katja- Swiss PhD student

Hartweg- German PhD student (love him! I accidentally got in the wrong line at lunch…I needed an employee card, which I don’t have yet. Hartweg just bought my lunch for me instead :))

Alexandra- Russian, going to Sfn in the fall! :), just finished her Phd

Girl whose name I forget- Armanian, also going to Sfn in the fall, Phd student

Elisabeth- German lab technician, speaks English with a British accent

Thomas Muench- my supervisor, not sure what I am supposed to call him yet….everyone calls him Thomas

Tamara- new intern like me, Armanian Phd student

If you haven’t noticed, I am the baby of the group!

They were all super interested in me and where I was from– where is NC? Is there a SC? If it is NC, does that mean it is in the north? What is the difference between southerner and northerner? what is the traditional NC food? what is the geography like there?

Also, there are many other people that work in the lab/in the building. I can’t remember all of their names. These are just the people that I work directly with.

I may also work with a guy (whose name I don’t remember) who is doing more behavioral neuroscience. Geek moment- they are using rats missing cones (I think?). Another lab is injecting stem cells that are supposed to become cones into one of the eyeballs. He is then testing their eye tracking movements to see if the stem cells are actually growing the missing cones. SO COOL. Also, this guy is a paraplegic.

We all ate lunch together which was nice.

Learned (sort of) how to do spike sorting….it is basically figuring out which neuronal impulses belong to which cells using a computer program. Still getting the hang of it.

Also learned how to prep for use of the PHOTON-LASER!!!! So neat.

This lab is incredibly high-tech. It was blowing my mind.

Also, I asked about my hours. He said whatever I wanted. Going to try and get a definitive answer tomorrow. I ended up staying until 6:30 because no one was leaving and I didn’t know what to do. I finally just asked if I could leave.

Went to the grocery store. Wandered like an idiot.

Saw a really attractive guy cooking dinner in the kitchen. Guess who’s going to be cooking dinner at 7:30 later this week?? 😉

Saw parents for a while. Tried to plan how how to run some errands tomorrow.

Going to do some research on vision and the retina, and then go to bed.






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