Day 31: Another long day


Today we slept in….well, we slept as late as we could and still get the free hotel breakfast!

Then we got up and wandered around Zurich for a while:

DSC_0315 (Isn’t it beautiful?)

The Hauptbahnhof

DSC_0307 (colorful fat lady?)


St. Peters Kirche




DSC_0371 The church was built by Charlemagne. This is the original statue of him that was outside the church.


Fraumuenser (apparently it was a nunnery)- Also, they had signs everywhere inside saying not to take pictures. And then right on the altar, they had a huge set up where you could buy pictures of the church. A little unsettling that such a clever scam was going on right on the altar steps!


Another church, the name of which I cannot remember (it might be St. Peters? We saw a lot of churches today!)


The magnificent mile


We then took a train back to the Zurich Flughafen station (near our hotel) so that we could get our luggage. I then had to buy my ticket to Tübingen. Apparently in Switzerland, you cannot buy international tickets at the automated machines, so I had to go to the ticket counter. I did the entire transaction in German, while translating it for my mom to English. I really appreciated that the man continued to speak German with me. As I walked away, the man said, “Congratulations, your German is excellent!” Made my whole day! 🙂

Then we rode on a train forever to Tübingen, my new home for the next 7 weeks! I wanted to take the bus to get to our hotel. I asked a bus driver if he went to Westbahnhofstrasse and he said yes. Then, in the middle of the city he told us we had to get off. So then we waited for another bus and finally made it to our cute little hotel.

Really tired, nervous, and excited. Going to get some sleep for my big day tomorrow!



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