Day 29: Trains, trains, trains


SUCH a long day. Woke up at 5:30 this morning to check out of the dorm (passes inspection!…though he didn’t do anything except surf channels on the TV we never used. haha). We then caught a train to Stuttgart. Long ride in which we had to lug tons of luggage around.

It was sad to leave our little home.


We then met Tina at the train station. Mike came separately because he went to prom with a friend in another city. His train was late. Tina said we couldn’t wait for him. I gave him directions on how to find the right train to get where he needed to go. He got completely lost. Neil went to try and find him. They both got left behind. We went back to the train station later and caught up with them. It was quite the day trying to lug our luggage all over the city of Stuttgart and then losing the boys. We left our luggage at the student hotel, and then headed over to the Baden-Wuertemberg Stiftung for our seminar. They had tons of snacks and food for us. We learned about German work culture and gave our presentations. We ate a traditional Schwaebische lunch- Maultaschen. It was delicious.

So the Schwaebisch are a group of people in Baden-Wuertemberg that are known for being frugal to the point of being cheap. There is a song about the train from Singen to Stuttgart (which we actually took!) that tells the story of a Schwaebisch farmer that was too cheap to pay for a train ticket for his goat. So instead he tied the goat to the back of the train. When he got to Stuttgart, the goat was decapitated. Delightful, huh? Typical German story for ya! 🙂

After the seminar, we went back to the student hotel. I got my luggage and met up with my family, who are here for 2 weeks for vacation! It was so nice to see them! And they were thrilled to have a German speaker with them! 🙂

We then caught a train to Zurich for the weekend. Where I had to lug my luggage around again. 😦

Like I said, quite the long day!



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