Day 28: Bittersweet

Today was our last day in Radolfzell. It is bittersweet because I love it here and I love being with the WISP group, but I am PUMPED to start my internship on Monday.

So we went to class., where my teacher picked on me. He repeatedly gave me the hardest and most complicated problems. Then he would add on verbally and I would have to do it again with the extra words. He would add on like 5 times before giving me a break. Seriously. He is not my favorite person. I did learn quite a bit from him however…he just isn’t super nice.

Had lunch at the old standard, Stern Kabob.


We said our goodbyes to our friend at Stern Kabob. 😦

Walking back to the CDC, we saw a gorgeous Ferrarri. Neil was drooling. We stopped to take a picture with it, and Neil is looking inside, etc. Of course this all happens as a police car drives by. The police car slows waaay down, and comes to stop next to the car (and us). In hindsight, we might have looked like we were trying to steal the car. haha


We then said our goodbyes to Frau Heinze and Alena at the CDC.


Frau Heinze thought this was the best idea for a photo. 😛


Isnt’ she adorable?

(Mike isn’t in the pictures because he had to leave- he is going to his German friend’s prom with her tonight!)

We all went to Stammtisch with Alena tonight for one last hoorah. Had a Radler. It was really fun.

I am now going to bed because we have to wake up at o’dark thirty tomorrow morning to go to Stuttgart.



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