Day 27: Italian basketball players >:(

More class. We talked a lot today about Lehnwoerter- words that are “on loan” from other languages. It was really neat to see how all languages are tied to one another in some way. Did you know the English word snorkel comes from a German word der Schnorchel? Pretty cool.

Also, new favorite German word and phrase:


A “dudelsack” is a bagpipe. haha I just think it is the best name. And “voll wie ein Dudelsack sein” means to be “drunk off one’s ass” according to my extremely professional online dictionary. 😛

So, we have some new Italian neighbors that live above us. They are 15 and think they are the I thought Maddie and I were going to have to kill them today. All day yesterday and today it sounded like they were repeatedly dropping a bowling ball or had a pet elephant galumphing around. Seriously. It is incredibly annoying. The light fixture on our ceiling is wobbling so much, I am worried it is going to fall out!

So we went up there to ask them to please be quiet. They didn’t answer the door. We knocked and rang the bell a few more times. They didn’t answer the door. So we went back downstairs. Only for them to be louder than before. So we went back up. They finally answered the door. We asked them to please be quiet. We explained that we lived below them and that they were disturbing us. They said sorry, they were playing basketball. We said thanks, and left. They proceeded to be even louder than before, which I am astounded was even possible! We went back up and rang the bell. They finally answered the door. I told them a little more sternly to please stop playing basketball. They made some snide remarks and closed the door. They proceeded to continue leading their pet elephant around the room. We went up one last time, told them that they needed to stop or we would call the landlord. They told us we were being rude! haha Anyway, we managed to get them to leave and play elsewhere. But not without some serious 15 year old Italian attitude. Oy vey!

I ended up sitting in the kitchen and talking with Vania (another student here) and Kaitie for a long time, and in German! We talked about the Texas filibuster, abortion rights, the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, the language divides and governmental systems in Switzerland, and much more! It was super fun to talk for such a long time in German like I would in English. Plus, it was fun to get to know Vania.

Vania is from the only caton in Switzerland that speaks Italian. She works for the Swiss train company, and is here to improve her German because she needs it for her work.

Vania also told me that I speak German with good pronunciation and accent. SUCH a compliment. She said a lot of the time you can tell from the way someone pronounces words etc. that they are from the States. But she said she couldn’t tell where I was from when I spoke German! YAY. Points for me!


Finished editing my presentation tonight.

Need to work on packing. GAH.



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