Day 23: Bee sting :(

So today we went on a required trip with the language school to Meersberg. We took a boat across Bodensee to the town, which is famous for its wineries.


I wasn’t feeling good on the train. I had a bad feeling about the day. How right I would be.

We had a few hours to roam around before our tour of the castle.

CAM00433CAM00447CAM00448 castle and its gardens

CAM00456 there were little fat lady figurines everywhere!!??

So we went shopping in all the little quaint shops.

We grabbed some amazing lunch at a cafe. I had Seelach, a fish from the Bodensee, with remoulade sauce and house-made potato salad. YUM.


Then we went up to sit in the castle gardens before our tour. I was sitting there, peacefully taking in the scenery, when a bee stung my finger. OUCH. I am super allergic so this was not a fun experience. Tamila ended up taking me home. Where I slept.

Went to bed at 9:30.


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