Day 22: Face plant


Went to Rheinfall with Kaitie, Maddie, Mike, and Tamila.

It was quite the adventure.

We got a little lost on the way.

Had to run to catch our train.

Sat on the side of railroad tracks in the middle of nowhere for a while.

Coming back, the machine to buy tickets wasn’t working. Luckily this little old man that worked for the train helped us out!

Rheinfall was amazing. SO. MUCH. WATER.

It is actually the biggest waterfall in Europe. WOW.

CAM00387CAM003991001846_10151747056013304_311289108_n17491_478196845597819_1418898142_n 179726_10151747056518304_1224104372_n

CAM00412 The pictures don’t really do justice how blue the water was.

There is also a castle there that we visited.


Also, the most epic playground ever!!!


I managed to fall off one of the beams and face plant. HA.

Came back and played UNO and BS with some people from the language school. FUN. The Italians would NOT stop cheating!

Got beer spilled all over me. 😦



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