Day 20 and 21: The Magical Land of Flowers and Butterflys



In the afternoon, Neil, Kaitie, Sarah, and I went to Mainau. Mainau is an island in the Bodensee that is basically a giant park/garden. It was insanely hot and we sweated quite a bit, but the flowers were beautiful!


goofing off by the ducks made of flowers


map of the Bodensee and all its cities

CAM00289 dream tree: write your dreams on a ribbon and tie it on

CAM00286 hanging bed??

CAM00355CAM00335CAM00329 butterflies!


CAM00375horse that looked like it might die

CAM00368giant chicken

1001336_10151743023612518_26433678_n couple that never came up for air!

Afterwards, we went a drank a beer by the Bodensee. The weather had cooled off a bit, and it was perfect.


We accidentally missed the last regular train, so we had to wait until 10PM for another train to come. Not fun. Ended up getting some McDonald’s for dinner. 😦 McDonald’s outside of the States is really expensive—2.30 EUR for french fries!! Not worth it FYI.

I then came home, did some homework, and went to bed.


School. Wochentest—which I obviously didn’t study for since I got stuck in Mainau. Though luckily, the material wasn’t difficult! Several students gave presentations in class today. David, the Swiss guy, did a presentation on Swiss Army knives (Victorinox). You can buy one with over 80 different parts, including a flash light!


I cooked dinner: curried basmati rice with veggies. YUMM.


And, it is finally raining! YAY. Now hopefully it will cool off. 🙂



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