Day 17 and 18: Melting


Slept in and then had a super lazy day to recover from the weekend.

Did some studying for class.

Surprise skype with my entire extended family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandmommy, Poppy, Uncle, Aunt, Twin Cousins!! It was great! And quite hilarious to see my entire family try to squeeze onto the computer screen. 🙂


Class again.

We got a new student today. Her name is Giada and she is from Italy. She teaches 2nd graders German there. She is from the part of Italy that borders on Austria, so there are lots of German speakers there. She has been learning German since she was 6 years old! Needless to say, she blows the rest of the class out of the water! She even speaks without an accent- a big achievement for a non-native speaker.

Also, it was HOT today. Super hot for Germany.

Screenshot_2013-06-17-17-43-54 (It was 91 today! And it supposed to be this hot until Thursday 😦 BOO)

Went grocery shopping for the week.

Ate muesli with a nectarine for dinner because I was too hot to cook something.

CAM00266 It really hit the spot.

Fun fact about the pronunciation of muesli that I learned today:

Germans pronounce it “moosli.”

In Swiss German “moosli” means a little mouse. So, they pronounce it “mooehsli.”


Now to do more homework!



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