Days 15 and 16: ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE (and we found it!)


Went to class.

Bought my train ticket to Fuessen during Pause with Kaitie.

After school, we went back to the dorm to finish packing.

Spent 4 1/2 hours on our scenic train ride:

  • I thought we were going to miss our first connection. We had 6 minutes to change trains. Our train was running 5 minutes late. We had to run, run, run to make our train. We hopped on, the doors closed, we breathed a sigh of relief.
  • The next train had brakes that sounded like dementors.
  • We stopped next in Lindau to change trains. One of the most exquisite places. It is now on my list to try and go visit.
  • The third train had compartments ala Harry Potter. We thought we were very cool. Ate our packed dinners.
  • 1013827_475442895873214_888423125_n
  • The last train was a small, packed regional train. We ended up in the car with a huge group of middle school girls on some sort of school trip. They were so bratty and rude. They complained about their rooming situation at our destination. They sobbed over hurt feelings. They yelled because someone used someone else’s lotion. Making fun of an Asian woman on the train. It was insane. Longest 30 minutes ever. Really glad I never have to go back to middle school!

On the train ride, I did manage to finish one book and start another. Yay me!

So once we get to Fuessen, we head out to find our hostel. And, surprise! We get lost.

We finally found our hostel, a cute little house with a magnificent view. (Actually, the entire city has a magnificent view!)

CAM00138 (the city of Fuessen)

We stayed in the little attic room! I loved it! Super quaint and cozy. Though I was slightly worried I might fall down the hole that was the stairwell. The ceilings in the room were low, but we could still stand upright. However, I kept finding myself walking hunched over. 😛


We met some of our attic mates:

  • British lady who lives in Mexico where she works for an NGO that does work on disease prevention through clean water etc. Super neat. She was supposed to meet this friend of her’s who apparently is riding 3000 miles or something on one of those elliptical/bike things (ala Phil on Modern Family.)
  • (apparently it is called a “strider”)
  • Also, guy from place I couldn’t understand but who lives in Bath, England.
  • Lady skyping loudly with her small child.

Slept like a baby until Mr. Bath woke us all up at 6AM. British lady told him to “knock it off” and I went back to sleep.


(AKA The best day ever)

Woke up at 7:30AM, got dressed, ate a yummy hostel breakfast of fresh broetchen with butter and jam and hot tea.

We walked into town and caught the bus to the base of the mountain where Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangauschloss are. Of course right before the bus pulls away, who walks up but that group of middle school girls!! We didn’t see them again, thank goodness!

There are bus and carriage rides up to the castle, but we decided to be adventurous and cheap and hike it.

It was totally worth it. The hike was paved and not too difficult. And boy, was it stunning.

Because of the horse drawn carriages, there was this adorable little truck that came along to sweep up all the horse poop.

1000808_475446769206160_2145311156_n POOP TRUCK!

We first hiked up to the base of Neuschwanstein. It was super misty and kind of warm. Needless to say—we sweated a lot. Kaitie and I were looking pretty rough!


Then we followed the trail around the base to continue on up. We found this little side trail, which ended up leading to the base of an amazing waterfall. The bridge that we were hiking to for the iconic view of the castle was right above it!

CAM00162 (that bridge way up there…yeah, we were on it!)


We continued up the trail to the bridge and stopped at an amazing overlook where you could see Hohenschwangauschloss, along with an amazing view!


We finally made it to the bridge. No words can describe the view. Here, have some pictures:


We then realized that we had lost Helga, the Flat Stanley that Kaitie had been charged with for the trip. We retraced our steps to find her, all the while coming up with a story to tell the little boy who had drawn her what had happened if we couldn’t find her. But (HOORAY) we did find her!


We then decided to hike over to Hohenschwangauschloss.

We ate lunch in a pretty clearing by a lake. Perfection.


Before we left we took a picture with the giant creepy sausage:


We then walked back down to the bus stop to go back. We were both exhausted. We met a nice German man who had a multi-person ticket (but had apparently lost the other people??). Anyway, he let us ride back on his ticket, which was super nice.

Bought a sandwich for dinner on the train. Got Joghurt-Mango Eis from a man with THE most epic mustache–it twirled up at the ends!

Then a 4 1/2 hour train ride back….most of which I slept through 🙂

These billboards were EVERYWHERE:

CAM00264 (translation: “I want to be wild.” Do it. But do it with knowledge and condoms. Give AIDS no chance.—and all with the most innocent looking boy on it.)


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