Day 13: No internet!?

So last night and all day today we had no internet. 😦 We finally got it fixed though!! YAY.

Today we went to class.

We didn’t have to go to Mediothek today (YAY) because Tina, our contact at the organization funding this internship came to meet us. We then went with her and Frau Heinzte (the head of the language school) to a Berufsschule. Germany has a dual education system. This means that students who want to go into more technical or vocational fields, do not have to go to university. Instead they go to a Berufsschule where they learn hands-on how to do everything in their field. It is a really cool system, that I think the US should really implement more. The tour was really interesting, and we got to see a lot of really neat things.

After the tour we went to Kaufland (again, surprise!). Neil, Tamila, and I cooked ourselves dinner. I made cheese toast and had a nectarine and a bell pepper. It was lovely. I also had some tea. There has been a cold going around our group, and apparently it is my turn. Not feeling a hundred percent today, but hopefully this will pass quickly.

Katie and I spent a while today trying to plan trips for the remainder of the time we are here. (Which was difficult considering our lack of internet.) This evening was mostly spent trying to get the internet to work again.

Another relatively boring day–however I am going to visit some awesome places! (Neuschwanstein, Rheinfall, St. Gallen, Paris, Trier, Munich, the Swiss Alps….) I am very excited! 🙂

Yet again, I have procrastinated and need to do homework. Oops.




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