Day 11 and 12: Getting into a routine


Today was just a usual school day. Classes. Lunch at the Baekerei. More classes. We are really starting to get into a good routine.

I learned today that the oldest library in Switzerland is in St. Gallen, which is not too far from here. It is also one of the oldest libraries in the world. The library is also still operating, so you can check books out. So, this means I could check out a book that is hundreds of years old and read it! It is now on my list of places that I MUST visit.

(Isn’t it magical??!! The nerd in me cannot wait to see it!) [photo cred: google]

I also went to Kaufland to buy bread for the week and I bought some nectarines. I already ate one because they smelled so delicious!

CAM00100 (for some reason they look like apples in this picture.)

During third session today I left to go to the bathroom. When I came back I closed the door, at the front of the classroom, behind me. And it opened again. So I closed it again. And it opened again. It took me four or five tries to get the door to stay closed!


Classes again today.

It also finally rained today. They have been calling for rain since Sunday, but it hasn’t come. I wore my coral pants today and when it started raining I put on my coral raincoat of a slightly different shade. It was quite the outfit! I didn’t use my umbrella because it was broken 😦 Also quite the sight!!

181253_10200132764177575_2073192685_n (me using my broken umbrella to stay dry)

Neil, Kaitie, and I decided to go where ever our free bus/train passes could get us to. We decided on Ueberlingen. We ran up to the track right as the train pulled away. Another train didn’t go anywhere other than Konstanz for an hour. So we ended up checking out the Muenster Kirche in Radolfzell.

CAM00102 CAM00103 CAM00104 CAM00107 (sorry about the terrible quality- camera phone!)

Also on a side note: I think my bus driver on the way home was OCD. After every stop he would pull all the change out of the box and then coin by coin put it back in.

Made dinner with Maddie. More noodles! Cheap and easy! 🙂

Skyped with my possible flat mates in Tuebingen. It was….interesting. I’ll let you all know how that pans out! 🙂

More homework 🙂



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