Day 9: Stolen Pictures!

  • 941509_10151719698392518_1491338410_n that little thing there…we climbed up that!
  • 984197_10151719698802518_1304946223_n the view from the top of the Muenster
  • 600916_471923379558499_1368213686_n
  • 600690_471923992891771_891573763_n
  • 7165_10151719698647518_2987147_n
  • 10162_10151719098868304_568845834_n 943379_10151719099198304_1932023821_n 970038_10151719099458304_2016409746_n group pictures!
  • 5908_10151719698877518_845185343_n climbing back down!
  • 249132_471923922891778_1300398200_n view from the top of the mountain
  • 580446_471923926225111_1950977677_n group photo after climbing the mountain
  • 970562_471923799558457_233502495_n There were TONS of street musicians out today.
  • 994178_471924356225068_2056977200_n Schwartzwaelderkirchetorte
  • 946963_471924402891730_1133558596_n
  • 941205_471923796225124_444266396_n so this thing runs through the entire city…the legend goes that if you accidentally step in it, you will marry someone from Freiberg. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind accidentally stepping in it!
  • 993444_471923882891782_692426541_n isn’t this pretty!

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