Day 9: Dog-Tired.

Today we took a day trip with the school to Freiberg. We had to change trains three times each way. Our group had 15 people in it, and we lost some people a few times!

We climbed to the top of the Muenster church in Freiberg today as well. After yesterday and today, I think my legs have had enough stairs for a while!

Thomas, the Marine, cracked me up because he was a little scared climbing up and down the tower. He really did not like being up there!

006 (it had a bunch of scaffolding around it… 😦 )

005 looking back towards the train station

003 walking around

004 more walking around

Also, my camera died so I don’t really have pictures from today. I was stupid and didn’t pack my camera charger. What good is an uncharged camera? Once everyone else posts their pictures, I will steal some and post them here for you guys to see.

The group then split up into smaller groups. We, the girls, then wandered the city for a bit, grabbed a bite to eat (at another Doener place, of course!), then wandered a bit more. Then we ran into the boys, Tom and Neil, and decided to go to the tower on top of the mountain overlooking Freiberg. Guys, I literally climbed a mountain! It was sooo steep and hot! I didn’t go all the way to the top and up the tower because I was exhausted. But the view from where I was was great!

Maddie, Kaitie, and I walked back down the mountain together. I bought some beautiful knobs to go on an old dresser that I am going to have in my apartment next year. I am so excited! Such a cool and useful souvenir, right?


We then tried to find a place to eat some Schwartzwaelderkirchetorte, which the area is famous for. We had to stop and ask for help, but we did finally find a cafe that served some and chowed down. YUM.

Then we met everyone else back at the train station for a long ride home.

I am dog tired. Excited about sleeping in tomorrow!

Also, I have no idea how I forgot to tell you guys this story yesterday!

So, Kaitie, Neil, and I were in Konstanz at the Muenster church. Around all of the entrances on the inside are glass boxes/doors to keep the sound and heat out of the church. Now, keep in mind that it is dead quiet in the church. (Those of you who know me well may know where this is going….) We were walking out to leave and…..I walked into the glass door. BAMMM! It was sooo loud. Everyone in the church turned to stare. It was really hard to not laugh until we got out of the church. I whacked my arm on the door pretty good too! Anyways, thought you would all enjoy that! 🙂


One thought on “Day 9: Dog-Tired.

  1. I love the knobs! Those will look great! I can so see you walking into the glass! It makes me laugh just thinking about it! That’s the Dana we know, love, and make fun of!

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