Day 8: Perfection

Today we only had school until 12:15! YAY! Though we did have a test. 😦  However, I taught the material to myself last night and didn’t do too shabby!

After school we went to new place for lunch (gasp!) because we were just a little tired of the same thing every day. We went to this little bakery next to Kaufland and had sandwiches. Super yummy. I think I will definitely be going back there again.

We then went to Kaufland where I spent 52 cents on bread for the week!

Kaitie, Neil, and I decided to make a day trip to Konstanz because our train/bus passes get us there for free. SUCH an amazing day of wandering a beautiful city on the Bodensee, climbing church bell towers, and drinking German beer. We walked around for 6 hours. So worth it, but we are all very tired.

I am just going to post a bunch of pictures. If you are interested in seeing more, go to my flickr account. There are also a few pictures on FB that I have been tagged in. 🙂

  •     004 the city bank
  • 013 one of the churches (I think this is the Muenster)
  • 015pretty building
  • 017 smiling car sign
  • 020 look at the starch in that shirt!
  • 005 just walkin’ around
  • 008
  • 011 the train station is behind the tower
  • 018 Look! Another church!
  • 053 fun climbing the stairs of the Muenster bell tower.
  • 050 So. Many. Steps. (193)
  • 032 The top of my favorite church, the Muenster.
  • 037 Me on top of the Muenster.
  • 048
  • 054 Lit a candle for Emily ❤
  • 062 Another church.
  • 065 City gate/wall
  • 068 Music in the park.
  • 070 the park.
  • 081 Look! I stood in the Bodensee!
  • 074 The muse that watches over Konstanz.
  • 077 Love locks, like in Paris.
  • 088 My first German beer! (Though it was a Radler—which means that it is part lemon seltzer and part light beer. Good for the non-beer drinker 🙂 )



2 thoughts on “Day 8: Perfection

    • I believe they were started in Paris….a couple has their names engraved on a padlock. They then lock it to the bridge and throw the key into the river (or in this case, the lake). It symbolizes their undying love. A lot of couples will do it after getting married.

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