Day 7: Today sucked

Sorry for the depressing post, but today sucked.

I didn’t feel good. My German class is hard and my teacher told Neil and I that are answers were “wrong” and “unacceptable.” I haven’t even been in this class a week and the longer I am in it, the more I feel like I don’t know any German at all. It is really frustrating because it is not that the class is too difficult for me, it is just that the teacher hasn’t thoroughly explained what it is we are doing. My lunch at Stern Kabop wasn’t good. The lady in Mediothek gave me the binder again. Took a nap. Reheated my leftover schnitzel and french fries for dinner.


Going to study now because I have a test tomorrow. Blech.

Here is a random picture of the outside of my dorm, because my mother requested it!


Also, I don’t think I shared this in my post last night…but there is a random Russian man who we think might live in our dorm. We aren’t really sure. But anyways, while I was eating dinner last night in the kitchen he came in and sat down across from me. So we sort of ate dinner together. He was eating something that looked like wet cat food. >:/

Again, sorry for the short and depressing post. Having a rough day in paradise!




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