Day 6: Mediothek ist langweilig!

So, this blog post is going to be boring guys. Sorry! While I am here at the language school, my days are pretty much the same.

Took the bus to school. Went to class, where we had a substitute teacher. I was so tired and out of it! I am sure she was wondering how I  made it into the class! I could not keep my eyes open.

So during our first pause, I took a nap. On my desk. For those of you who know me well, you know I am not the type that can sleep anywhere. So this was a big deal. I felt much better after my pause nap, though!

Then we had more class.

We ate lunch at the same place we have eaten every other day this week: Stern Kabop. We have sat at the same table and the waitress knows us. I shared a salami pizza with Kaitie. We keep eating at the Stern Kabop because it is close to the language school, it is really cheap, and the food is good! Doesn’t get much better than that! Our goal is to have a picture with the waitress by the end of our stay here.


We finished lunch a little early, so we went to the thrift store next door. Look what we found! This is the same skirt Beth wore on the day we left for Germany! What a coincidence 🙂

CAM00088 (say hi to Tamila!)

Then we went to Mediothek instead of a third class period, like on Mondays and Tuesdays. Only Mediothek goes until 5. We aren’t really clear on if it is mandatory or optional, or if we can leave whenever we want. It was the most boring thing. I was given 6 articles to read and 10 questions to answer for each. Super boring. And it wasn’t even related to what we have been doing in class! I was kind of looking forward to Mediothek because I was under the impression it was like self-study time. You could use computer programs, use CDS, watch movies, or get tutoring. I have been struggling with some of the stuff we are learning, so I really wanted some extra time to work on it. But no. A woman gave us all assignments to do. Boring. Could I say that again? It was boring. The only helpful part was I learned some new vocabulary. About halfway through we just began to joke around. Because it was boring.

See? I told you guys this post wasn’t going to be very exciting! The most exciting thing that happened today is that I got to leave Mediothek! That, and the weather was gorgeous!!

After Mediothek, Neil, Kaite, and I went to Kaufland again. I bought fresh bread, because the bread I bought the other day is nasty and dry! I also bought Nutella, butter, and jam. YUM. Looking forward to eating those!

I cooked dinner for myself tonight. It was yummy! Pasta and bread.


I hung out with Neil for a while and did homework.

Then, we played a crazy two games of UNO. So much fun!!




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