Day 5: Overwhelming

Today was filled with more classes.

Maddie and I managed to take the bus to school successfully. YAY! We rode the bus with a French guy (from Paris) named Felix, who we met yesterday at lunch. He is at the language school because he is doing poorly in his German classes at school. His parents told him that he had to go to the language school or he couldn’t go on vacation. Needless to say, he is not happy.

I got paid my stipend today! YAYAYAYAY!

I learned the name of the Japanese kid in my class today–I had to look on the class board where all of our names our posted. His name is Jun.

Also Neil switched into my class.

Class today was really overwhelming and difficult. It is mostly review, but all things I am completely out of practice in or have never used in this way before. Plus some new stuff. Neil and I both were tired after today.

We had lunch at the same place as yesterday because it is close and cheap. Only 4 Euros! I had Macaroni Napoli. YUM.

f lunch

[photo cred: Maddie and Katie]

After school, somehow Neil, Katie, and I got left behind. We went to T-mobile to get Neil a SIM card. While we were there, I asked the woman why I couldn’t send texts. She sent me to Vodafone, where I waited 30 minutes. He told me I was using the wrong country code. But the phone still isn’t working. GAH! Navigating all of this in German is really difficult. However the T-mobile woman did complement me on my German skills 🙂 Though I definitely sounded like an idiot trying to talk about a cell phone in German.


(Fun in the T-mobile mirrored ceiling! Neil’s face is great!) [photo cred: Katie Geck]

There was the most adorable dog in the Vodafone, who desperately wanted to be my friend.

dog [Katie’s creeper pic]

Then we caught the bus back.

Some differences between the US and Germany that I discovered from my experience in the cell phone store:

1. Customer service isn’t really a thing here.

2. Dogs are allowed in stores.

3. The cells phones aren’t tied down.

Also, I learned how to say “artificial colors” in German today (which is very pertinent to me): künstliche Farbstoffe.

Some random fun pictures around Radolfzell: (the first is the view from the language school)



[photo creds: Maddie and Katie]

And my personal favorite: This is over the toilette in our dorm bathroom.


Ok, I’m back!

Had a quick skype with my dear mother.

Then off to dinner with the WISPies! We took the bus into town:


Stopped and took a few tourist-y pictures along the way:


And ate traditional German food for dinner, sitting right on the Bodensee. The weather was perfect. Though the waiter forgot my food…and silverware. I did finally get my food…but no silverware. 😦


Guys, isn’t this just the MOST beautiful place???


We walked back to the dorm, because the buses had stopped running. Neil and I did some homework for a while…rather fruitless though as we had no idea what we were doing!! Oh well.





One thought on “Day 5: Overwhelming

  1. I want to know who enforces the bathroom rule! I hope it’s on the honor system. I know Germans love tidiness and order, but that’s a bit much! The Bodensee is beautiful! I definitely want to go there when we come.

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