The end of Day 3 and Day 4: Jet Lag

The end of Day 3:

In the evening we just sat around and took it easy.

Maddie and I are rooming together. We just hung out and talked. It was great!

We then decided that the mineral water was only making us more thirsty. So we mapped out how to get to the Esso, which we thought might be open on Sunday. Success!! Not only were they open, but we were able to find Stilles Wasser! (This is a big deal, guys.)

Then we left to walk into town and grab some dinner. Only big surprise, we got lost again! A nice German lady stopped and gave us directions.

We found nothing to eat (it being Sunday and all), so we decided to back to the Esso and get pretzels, brötchen, and cheese to cover dinner and breakfast the next day. And guess what? We got lost again!!! We kept having to stop and look at the map to figure out where we were.

b(for reference, this is a brötchen) [photo cred: google]

So we get there, grab a bag, and begin to pull out what we wanted. A German man walked up behind us. He got impatient and reached across me to grab a bag. Then, when I took the last brötchen (which he apparently wanted), he flipped out and threw a temper tantrum. He said something ugly to me in German dialect, threw down the bag and the tongs which I had politely handed him when I finished, and stomped out of the store. Seriously, a 60 year old man threw a 5 year old fit in the Esso.

Then Maddie and I headed home………and Surprise!! we got lost again, and again, and again.

Needless to say, this little guy has become our new best friend! Still amazed at how easy it is to get lost in such a small town.

map [photo cred: google]

Day 4: Jet Lag

First things first, I slept like a baby last night. 😀

Today started bright and early. We met at 7:30 AM to walk to school. Alena, an intern at the language school met us to walk us there. Alena is originally from Switzerland, but now is getting her Masters at UNC-Chapel Hill (GO HEELS). She is living in Radolfzell for the year. Alena also lives in our dorm and helps us out. She is essentially our RA.

We met Frau Heintze, the director of the school, first thing in the morning. She speaks the MOST beautiful German. I could listen to her speak all day. We had interviews with her as the final part of our placement test. Then we found out which class we were placed in. I was really nervous about this because the placement test was the hardest thing EVER. But apparently I did ok because I was placed in C1, which is the highest level! Yay! 🙂

heintze (This is Frau Heintze) [photo cred: google]

My teacher is Herr Hentze. There are only 5 people in my class: David-Swiss Italian, Anna-Portugal, Alex-Colombia (and only 15!), and other dude (I couldn’t understand his name)- Japan. This means that there is no one in the class, besides me, that speaks English. Which I love. There are no crutches. I know that often if I don’t know a word for something I will just say the English word for it, but in this class I can’t do that. It forces me to use my German in a new and challenging way. The class was awesome! We were really focusing on the nuances of the language.

The way Germans do the school day is very different from America. We have class 8:45-10:45, pause, 10:45-12:15, pause, 1:30-3:00 (or 5, depending on the day). It is really nice how you have little breaks in the middle.

For lunch we went to an Imbiss (sort of like a fast food place, but they serve pizza, pasta, döner, etc.). I got a vegetarian yufka, which is basically a wrap with a random assortment of veggies (I think, banana pepper, red cabbage, sauerkraut, lettuce, tomatoes, and maybe other things?) and feta cheese. It was really tasty. And enormous! I only ate half.

Poor Mike left school early because he is sick! Hope he gets better soon….and hope I don’t get it!!

After class, Alena took us on a tour of the city. The church that I posted yesterday actually has the highest steeple in the Bodensee area. Pretty neat.


We then went to an Eiscafe and got ice cream! I got strawberry. YUM. I swear the ice cream was made today with fresh picked strawberries. SO good.

Ice cream in Germany isn’t quite like ice cream in the U.S. It is more like gelato or sorbet.

eis eis1

(me, Tamila, and Sarah) [photo cred: Katie Geck]

Later in the day, Maddie and I decided to go back into town to do some necessary shopping. We managed to navigated the bus successfully!

bus [photo cred: google] <— Can you tell I didn’t take many pictures today?

We went to T-mobile to get a prepaid card….which I managed to do in German! I think my phone is working now??? I am hoping the maps on my phone will help with the getting lost thing!

Then we went to Müller, which is kind of like a Walgreens or CVS, to buy shampoo and the likes. Much more difficult than you might think! I didn’t really have the necessary vocabulary.

We then went to Kaufland for groceries. Kaufland sells tons of other stuff, too. It is giant and basically a Walmart. And it was dirt cheap. I got broetchen, cheese, yogurt, pasta, bell peppers, spinach, and pears for 8 Euros!!



Now, I am going to do my massive amounts of homework and studying for tomorrow.





2 thoughts on “The end of Day 3 and Day 4: Jet Lag

  1. I’m glad you had a good day! Make sure you send me your new German phone number, even though I can’t afford to call it! I love you!

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