Day 2/3: AKA The Longest Day Ever

Today…erm…yesterday we had orientation with Beth. We began by going to this great little bistro for breakfast called Cafe Hestia, where I got an authentic NY bagel. YUM.

cafe hestia [photo cred: google]

Then we had a super long orientation, not lacking fun:

silly (we were using assertive and commanding posture) [photo cred: Katie Geck]

Then another “life-flashing-before-your-eyes” cab ride to the Newark Airport.

We did the airport thing. Lots of sitting around and waiting.

For some reason, this entire experience has just seemed like this thing that was going to happen sometime. I wasn’t nervous, or panicked, or anything. It really hit me on the plane though that I was leaving for 3 months. AHH! So I got the nerves thing out of the way right at the end 😉

Because I hadn’t really slept the night before, I was exhausted. But, the plan was to not sleep until after dinner. I thought that if I bottled up my exhaustion and waited until everyone stopped moving about the cabin, I would sleep better. WRONG. Another night without any real sleep 😦

On a side note: There was a German flight attendant who drove us all bonkers. He felt the need to say everything in German, over and over and over and over. He would walk down the aisle and at every row say, “Kaffee? Tee? Kaffee? Tee?” All this without ever stopping to see if someone actually wanted any!!

cloud [photo cred Maddie Burkhartsmeier]

We arrived at the airport, got our luggage, and loaded onto a bus and began the two hour drive to Radolfzell am Bodensee, where the language school is that I will be attending. The drive was beautiful!

d [photo cred: Katie Geck]

<—This girl takes pictures like nobody’s business!

We then got settled into our rooms a bit. Aren’t they nice?

009 002

(say hi to Maddie!)

The beds are literally the MOST comfortable thing ever. I am avoiding sitting or lying down on it, or I might fall asleep!


Look at all the keys I need to get into different rooms in the dorm (there is one you can’t see in the picture)! (Also, our room key is a big old fashioned key!–I think it’s cool!)


We then decided to go and get lunch. First though, a little German culture lesson. EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays. We wanted to find our language school first, and then find something to eat. 30 minutes later we had found our language school, but no open place to eat.cdcg

(group picture, we all look a little rough from the plane ride and lack of sleep!) [photo creds: Katie Geck]

We finally found a place that serves Doener…one of my favorite dishes from my last visit. One of the really neat things about Doeners is that they are really different from region to region, and even from each little stand, so it is always something new.


Then we went over to the Bodensee!

014 (BTW, that’s Switzerland on the other side!)

Then we walked back to the dorm. And got lost again. But, we saw some pretty things:


Also, I got stopped by a German woman who asked me for directions. Apparently I look German? Needless to say, I wasn’t much help!

Anyways, planning on taking it easy the rest of the day. We will have to wander out tonight for dinner. Hopefully we don’t get lost again!


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