Day 1: Aren’t New Yorkers Friendly?

Flew from the QC to NYC today.

About the flight:

  • The flight attendant was my friend 🙂 She couldn’t give me enough water! She even tried to give me water when I was getting back off the plane. I really hope that the flight attendants on my longer flight to Germany tomorrow are as cool and understanding as she was.
  • The lady sitting next to me was really nice. We got to talking because she was wearing cute chacos! Turns out, she is from Elizabethton! She called ASU Appy State, which I thought was cute. She was really such a sweet and caring lady.
  • I now understand how that plane landed in the Hudson! When we were landing, we kept getting closer and closer to the ground. Only it wasn’t ground, it was water! I was a little worried for a bit!
  • (That to the left is the landing strip BTW.)Image

Then, the problems started:

  • I was supposed to meet up with one of the other WISPies (though we all think WISPers would be a cooler name!), Madeline, at the airport so that we could take a car into the city together. Turns out, she was in a different terminal than I was. So I had to wait 20 minutes for her to take a shuttle to where I was. Finding one another once we were in the busy terminal was another story. It is difficult to find someone when you don’t know what they look like!
  • Our cab driver was of Asian decent. I could not understand a single word he said….and he kept asking us something…still not exactly sure what it was! Then we pull onto the street where we are staying for the night. He zooms right past it. When I say so, he proceeds to back all the way up the street!!! In New York City! Maddie and I were a little concerned we might die.
  • So, Madeline and I show up at the YMCA. We are the first of our group there. We go to check in and a man says that we cannot check in until 3 PM. It is 1:30 and we haven’t eaten yet. As Maddie and I stand there trying to figure out what to do with our luggage so we can get lunch, I look over and see a woman checking in! So, we go up to the counter and ask if we can check in. No. They said we had to pay before we could check in, but our rooms were supposed to be paid for already. The woman was incredibly rude and condescending to us. So I call Beth, our contact here, and asked her what to do. She wanted to talk on the phone to the lady. The refused to talk on the phone to her! Apparently it is “against their policy.” Anyway, Beth finally got them to talk to her on the phone. The mean woman proceeded to yell at Beth, “I am NOT raising my voice!!!” Anyway, long story short they finally let us check in an hour later. Once we were checked in, the mean lady was sugar sweet to us. 
  • We get to our room. HOT HOT HOT. No A/C. There is a window air conditioner, but it blows warm air….gah!! I put my ice vest in the fridge for tonight! We have been hanging out in the lobby downstairs because it has A/C.
  • Also, the rooms are teeny tiny! Though because I am in a three bedroom, I apparently have the delux room. The other rooms are incredibly small!Image
  • I went to the bathroom, and heard some noise in the closet. This closet had a window, which I thought was a little strange at the time. I walked over and peeked in the closet to see what was in there. The closet is a shower and there was someone in there. Oops! The closet shower is not big enough to turn around in!Image

Then we walked forever and ever to dinner at Chipotle. Beth left us in Bryant Park and we had to find our way back to the hostel! I was actually proud because I was able to find my way back 🙂 Yay me! We lost two of the boys on the way, though. Oops. But one is a marine, so I’m not too worried about them.

We then decided to go exploring around the YMCA. We wanted to see if we could find a better shower than the closet shower. We ended up in the locker rooms of the Y. Bad idea. We never did find the showers. We did however find naked women lounging in glass box saunas in the walls. And good hairdryers. That too!


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