About the WISPies!

So, I guess I will tell you a little about the group.

Maddie- She jumps horses and is from San Diego.

Katie- Does cancer research and is from Maryland (we geeked out a bit over each other’s research).

Sarah- Is a welder! How cool is that?! She is from Michigan. (She reminds me quite a bit of Madi Frink- in looks and mannerisms.) —Funny story about Sarah: during the German part of our interviews, Sarah tried to say she was a welder (Schweisser) but said she was a Scheisse!! haha I will let you all figure that one out for yourselves 😉


Sarah is on the top, Madi on the bottom. (And yes I did FB stalk them to find these pictures!)

Tamila- (Like Taquila with an M) Does fashion retail and ballroom dancing. She is from Flordia.

Corneilus (Neil)- We, the girls, decided we should call him Corny…also, if we call him Corn and me Cobb. haha anyways…He is from PA and is interning with Porsche!! So cool.

Thomas (TJ)- Was a Marine, is from CA, and is an aerospace engineer. That’s all I know about him for now!

Michael- He is from Maryland and likes the color green.

Alejandro- Also from Florida. He is SUPER jet lagged because he already spent the last month in Europe. Yikes!

Beth is our contact here in the states. It was cool to finally meet her—now she is real!!


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